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An Lac – Land of Vietnam ethnic minorities

An Lac is the ancient town located in Bac Giang City. At this town tourist will have opportunities to discover the traditional lives and culture at Famous Northeastern Forest Mountain, Bac Giang, Vietnam. There are only two local folks live here: Tay and Dao.

Tay local folks are the people who have appeared in Vietnam since last first Millennium B.C. Tay belongs to the Tay-Thai language speakers, which nation located from Laos, Thailand… to even India. The place where they live are very fertile, which have a lots of rivers, streams, lakes… Therefore, Tay people mostly are great farmer. The agriculture of Tay people has developed since most of their lands are flat.  Beside, their silkworm economy, cattle feeding like buffalo, chicken, pig are much high developed as the same.



The families of Tay local folks are as same as the extend families in over the world. Men and women are free to love and choose their partners personally. If they want to get married, they have to ask for their own parent Lunar lives, which called “fate” – lives they had in the past, for the permission. After married, wives stay with their own parent, not with parent-in-laws, until they give birth. Tay wives also have same avoided list as no different as other nation people in Vietnam, such as wind avoid, water avoid… Three days after they give birth, they are



dedicated by shamans, same as the child. As their rules, guest and the women who has given birth are not allowed to sit or lie on bed, long chair in front of the altar.

In their traditional festival – like Tet Holidays, “Then singing”, “Luon singing”, and “Sli singing” are famous traditional songs of Tay people. In Tet Holidays, Tay man and women usually take part in their traditional games such as: “Tung Con” (Through an old ball), “Mua Xoe” (Dances) and gives each other love songs, congratulations, best wishes, plans, desire… and they often have their black silk dresses or clothes with no embroider.  They stay in their big house with big floor call “Nha San” or palatinated house which have about 4 to 5 rooms with leaves roof, wooden wall or concrete wall. Men and women rooms are divided.



There are things to avoid in Tay rules,  as in over the world does. People must not put their feets onto the burning touch and the kitchen. For those who have attened the funeral before, they must not take a single look at cattle when they come home. New-born-women must not come close to the altar. When cooking, people must avoid to put their pans keeper to the same direction of the big rafters (the directions of dead people). In their families, they are not allowed to yell or say bad things to each other, because this will lead head to the broken financial issues, or accident, or sickness, illness… They are not allowed to talk loudly, too.

There is one more local folks in Northeastern Moutain which is Dao local folks. The population of Dao is large and raising. They were from Van Nam, China. They live crowly in Ta Phin, Nam Cang, Thanh Kim, Suoi Thau, Trung Chai town. After the researches, Dao people have very close relative with H’Mong people. Most people in An Lac Town are the Red Dao. They homage dogs as their sacred creature.



Dao people avoid to touch children head because they believe this will lead ahead to their baby sickness and illness. They also believe that men and women must not take a picture together before they get married to avoid bad things will happened in the future.

Dao Community and Tay Community have a lots of traditional culture and beauty that they can not be mixed with any other community. This is also things that tourist will have opportunities to find out its beauty and secret. Vietline Tourism Company provide customers the best service and the best tour to An Lac Town and Khe Ro Resort to visit and discover. Contact us now to book.






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